SPA Spin & Knit 2012

What a relaxing weekend, till I got home, but we’ll get to that later.

I arrived in Freeport around 3:30 Thursday evening, checked into my room, played with my new goodies I picked up at Halcyon Yarn on the way into town. I got a set of Knitter’s Pride interchangeable needles and a set of the 16 inch interchangeables, they have a 4″ needle to make the shorter cable work I also picked up a DVD because CoggieTM from the podcast the High Fiber Diet told me I needed it :o)

Halcyon Haul

I then went riding around Freeport a little to get a feel of where I wanted to go the next day and then went to LL Bean, was there for quite a while, came back to the Inn ate dinner at the bar in the tavern, then went down to the drawing-room and worked on a swatch with one of the 2 cones of  Jagger Spun Main Line I picked up at Halcyon, it is going to become a Brunello Cardigan.  Not the exact right weight of yarn, but I liked the feel of the swatch and I was getting gauge, so I’m hoping it will work out.

On Friday, I went down to the Maine Dining Room and had an awesome buffet breakfast, then I wandered around the Inn a bit more getting a feel for where everyone was sitting and knitting and or spinning, can I just say, I’ve never seen so many knitters and spinners taking up every ounce of space they had available!  Anyway, later on I went for walkabout town, visited the Beading Path, among other shops.

Beading Path Haul

I got an awesome button, it cost $12.00 so I only got one, now to figure  out what sweater to make around it:

Then I had lunch at the Corsican, lovely little place, and bought some Milk chocolate cashew Turtles and Peanut butter/chocolate layered fudge at Wilbur’s of Maine.  Then I moseyed on over to the Hilton, sat myself at the Bar and was knitting on some socks waiting for the Vendor Market Place to open, it was fun, people watching, especially when they are YOUR peeps, a couple of ladies came in and sat down, with goofy grins on their faces, I could tell they had never been to SPA before, but they were knitters, they had just been to a fiber event in Topsam and had heard about SPA and that the marketplace would open at 5:00 so they thought they would swing by and see what it was all about.  I love seeing the looks on first timer’s faces when they get a glimpse of all the chairs being taken up by Spinners and knitters and weavers.  As we got to talking it turns out one of the ladies used to own a house here on the island right next to my aunt, and she said she had recently run into my cousin, also in a bar…not sure what that says about us islanders and/or my family….

anyway, then I went to the market place and liberated this stuff from the mean old vendors:

From the top left: 1 pound of BFL from Spunky Eclectic, striping sock sparkly batts from Enchanted Knoll Farm, a Sheep Thrills shirt from Five Sheep and a Donkey, and 2 progression braids from Mad Colors, and at the bottom a shawl pin from Leslie Wind, this thing is ingenious:

It just loops right in and holds the shawl beautifully. Too much glare here to really show it off, but the Sterling silver is gorgeous.

On Saturday, I did the regular buffet breakfast again, soo good, then got myself gussied up to go to the market place and meet up with my friend Heather of Highland Handmades and The Fiberista Files and her hubby and to meet Wendy and Sheila from the Knit1HeartToo podcast.  While there I did a little bit of damage to the pocketbook:

That’s two braids of Lambkin from Enchanted Knoll Farm in the colorway Beledi, an adorable little basket that will be the perfect traveling companion for Delilah my Sidekick wheel, a braid of blue fiber from The Purple Fleece and a Key fob that will go onto my orifice hook for Delilah.

Finally caught the shuttle back to the Inn, found a circle of knitters and spinners in the Casco Bay Room and inserted myself for a bit, found myself in the midst of Rudy Amann – I was in awe.  Then we had to move so they could set up for the Fashion Show, found a spot on the other side of the inn in a conference room Rudy and his wife Libby (really the cutest couple ever) found their way there too, enjoyed the full Tea, then enjoyed the Fashion Show, and dinner from the tavern eaten in the drawing-room because they were so busy, knitted a bit, then had to hit the hay, I was exhausted!

Sunday morning was busy packing up and getting ready to go, I decided not to do the lunch buffet, I headed over to the vendor marketplace one more time, really? did I need to? no, but I went with a mission, I wanted another of those cute baskets, some silk hankies from Spunky Eclectic, and a Big Phat Batt from Good Karma Farm, as you can see I got all this and also a little bundle of brown fleece dyed a pretty blue from PineStar Studio.

2 oz Silk Hankie/Mawata

Fawn Brown Romney/Perendale dyed in colorway #14

as I was leaving, I felt a little niggling of a sore throat, thought maybe I was dehydrated, got a soda to sip on the way up the interstate, got home on the 1:00 ferry, unloaded the car, regaled my family of my fun, feeling worse and worse as the afternoon turned to evening, eventually my body started aching, and my legs were all twitchy (my surefire way of knowing I’m getting sick) my fingernails started to hurt (I KNOW that’s weird right?) and spent the worst night I can remember of chills, and not being able to sleep because of being too hot, too cold, too hot, too cold…wretched illness was the wrong way to wrap up the weekend, but thank goodness it waited till I got home!


On a Shawl Kick

I might have a little problem…these are all on the needles right now.

And I want to cast on another….

I just finished this:

Have I ever mentioned I have absolutely no where to wear a shawl?

yup, I have a shawl problem…

Fallmaggedon Swap Package


I got a bunch of goodies in my Fallmageedon Swap package today:

The Wayfarer scarf pattern, very interesting looking knit, a coffee/tea cup, some VERY cute small gift cards with a sheep on them, and because I like flavored popcorn, some popcorn seasoning, in dill pickle and Ketchup flavors! Can’t wait to try those.  And last but not least…Some awesome yarn!

Front of cup


Back of the cup


Bag made by my swap partner!

Best of all the artwork on the box!


Oh, and as a side note, here is my finished CloudSpotting, SW BFL from Highland Handmades, 8 oz = about 600 yards of about a DK/light worsted weight.


A wheel named StellaLuna

I don’t think I posted about my new wheel.

It is a Schacht Matchless and I’m loving spinning on this wheel.

and this is the first thing I have spun and plied on her:

4 oz of Superwash Merino from Highland Handmades in the colorway Cloud Spotting

stripped into 3 pieces, and triple plied

about 311 yards in about a DK weight (14-16 WPI)

I LOVE Spinning!

La Vie de Bois

These are some secret Christmas knitting, but I’m pretty sure my kids don’t know about this blog so I can post them here.

Pattern: La Vie De Bois by Heather Kinne

Yarn: Sugar Maple Sock in the color of Clementine by Highland Handmades

I LOVE this pattern and this yarn!  Daughter better appreciate me giving these up!

Wooly Wormhead KAL

I’ve been knitting, I joined a swap for 2 hat/Berets. Here is swatch 1 for Hat A, it is pretty!

Hat A Swatch 1


Here is the swatch for Hat B, it is more brown than the yarn is really,

more lavenders and browns mixed up in the rest of the yarn:

Wooly Wormhead KAL B swatch



This is attempt 1 at Hat A, the cable pattern really seems

to be dissappearing, and this yarn is a wool/mohair mix that is not

all that soft:

Hat A attempt 1



This is the final brim for hat A, it is made out of Falkland, and is pretty, hopefully it softens up some when it’s washed, it almost feels like cotton:

Hat A Brim



And here is the one attempt at the brim for Hat B, which is working out nicely:

Hat B brim

Wooly Wormhead hat KAL

I’m joining another mystery KAL, for 2 hats…

Here is what I’m thinking for hat A, it is some of my Handspun from Friend’s Folly Farm 50% wool/50% mohair, and came out kinda marled.

we will see what hat B ends up being, still thinking of some handspun

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